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Provisional Driving license : Renew Provisional driving license, Eligibility Age


Usually, students who are under sixteen and anxious about enhancing their driving skills want to study everything about driving. Still, the biggest problem during their learning is their provisional driving license. No more need to worry about your provisional driving license. The Driving Tutors are here to solve all your problems with a provisional driving […]

DEFENSIVE DRIVING COURSE ONTARIO : Driving Skills, Enhanced Confidence And More

defensive driving course Ontario

As an Ontario-licensed driver, you are already aware of the significance of maintaining your and other drivers’ safety when driving. Enrolling in a defensive driving school is a wise investment for anyone wishing to enhance their driving abilities and prevent collisions. This article will help you comprehend what you need to know about the defensive […]

BOOK DRIVING TEST : G2 Driving Test Booking, Ontario Driving Test Booking

Book driving test

Booking your driving test is essential in obtaining your licence, and learning to drive is an exciting milestone. Booking a driving test in Ontario may seem complicated, but knowing what to do is relatively easy. To help you be ready for your appointment, we will walk you through scheduling a driving test in Ontario in […]



As a driving school in Ontario, Canada, “The Driving Tutors” understands the importance of providing comprehensive driving education to its students. One of the critical aspects of safe and efficient Driving is being proactive on the road and anticipating potential hazards. A proactive defensive driving course becomes relevant or helpful in this situation. 1- Basic ( […]

Driving License Check : G License, G1 License, G2 License And More

Driving License Check

Are you looking to check the status of your driving Licence or that of a loved one? It’s essential to regularly check the status of your license to ensure that you can legally operate a vehicle and avoid any potential legal problems. At The Driving Tutors in Ontario, we understand the importance of keeping track […]

G TEST FEE : G2 Testing Packages


Although receiving your driver’s licence is an exciting accomplishment, the process may also be challenging, particularly when paying for the many tests and fees necessary. This article will examine the Ontario G test fee in more detail and discuss the information you’ll need to pass the exam and get behind the wheel. 1- Basic ( E-learning) […]

Oakville Drive Test : Rules for G2,G Driving test 


It is common knowledge that obtaining a driver’s license in Oakville is a complex task. It is a lot less difficult now. It takes a lot of effort and time to succeed in the Oakville Drive test, which is a complex task. It would help if you put in a lot of time and effort, […]

PRACTICAL DRIVING TEST : How Much Is a Driving Test?


Almost all drivers have to go for the practical driving test. If you need to learn about the practical driving test and how to pass the practical driving test easily? You don’t need to worry more. The Driving Tutors will guide and conduct all the functional driving tests with the help of experienced instructors. They […]

Automatic Driving Lessons: Training in Automatic driving

automatic driving lessons

Many people are much better at automatic driving lessons instead of manualdriving lessons for some reason. So learning manual driving is only for some. Afew reasons prevent people from learning manual driving, which is as follows.The disability of many people prevents them from changing gears quickly due toenvironmental concerns and also for preparing for electric […]

Best Driving School in Canada: Our Best Services

Best Driving School in Canada

If you want the best driving training from the best driving tutors, choose the best driving school in Canada, The Driving Tutors. Driving tutors will be the best option for the people of Canada. You can improve your driving abilities by choosing the BEST driving school in Canada. The driving tutors will assist you with […]