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G1 Driving Test : Drivers handbook, following subjects will be covered and more


To qualify for a driver’s licence in Ontario, you must first pass the G1 driving test, which is the first step in the licencing process.  This article will cover what to expect during the G1 test and how to prepare for it, such as reading the official Ontario Driver’s Handbook, practicing with online resources, and enrolling in a driver’s education course from a professional provider like The Driving Tutors. The G1 driving test measures the understanding of a person about the rules of driving. It also measures the ability to operate a motor vehicle safely. Deep learning is required about the rules and regulations of driving. So join the driving school which fulfills all your needs of learning. The Driving Tutors is a driving school that facilitates students in every learning stage. So join The Driving Tutors to start your journey on wheels. Therefore find the G1 driving test practice near me with a single click at 5172 Nestling Grove, Mississauga, ON L5M 0L2, Canada. 

In Ontario, passing the G1 driving test is the initial requirement for obtaining a driving licence. Before proceeding to the G2 road exam, the next level of licence, a person must pass the G1 test. The Driving Tutors provide G1 test preparation materials and practice exams to help you get accustomed to the test’s structure and subject matter. These tools can be a fantastic method to complement your learning and give you more assurance on test day.

It consists of two parts 

1- Written test 

2- Road test

Individual testing and training for G

1hour Lesson package with $62.15
1-hour lesson and road test package with $231.65
2 hours and road test package with $293.80
3 hours lesson and road test package with $355.95
4 hours lesson and Road test package with $418.10
5 hours lesson with road test package with $480.25

It would be best if you gave your Ontario Written Knowledge Test G1 some thought and preparation. To be adequately prepared, you must be aware of the topics covered on the test.

The following subjects will be covered:

pavement markings, 

Road signs,

right-of-way regulations, 

traffic lights, 

and fundamental driving techniques.

We know that the G1 driving test is not so difficult but remember that it is an essential exam for getting your licence. Before every exam, we feel anxiety about the test, so to avoid this anxiety, practice more about your written exam. The following reason you start learning at driving school is to pass your driving test on the first attempt. So many lesson plans are available in our driving school, The Driving Tutors. We provide a facility for both Male and female Tutors. Also, in-person and online facility is available in our driving school. Just what you to do 

1-simply choose your lesson plan according to your ease.

2- enroll yourself 

3- start your learning package with knowledgeable driving tutors.

4- pass your g1 driving test on the first attempt. 

Our professional driving instructors added you behind the wheel quickly. Our professional Tutors boost your confidence. Our lessons will give you a realistic idea of what to expect when you take your G1 road test. Our provisional instructors will give you provisional instructions that will help to improve your chances of success in the G1 driving test

Tips before Taking the G1 Driving test

There are following tips to follow 

Read Ontario Drivers Handbook

The Ontario Driver’s Handbook should be studied to succeed on the G1 test. The manual thoroughly explains traffic regulations, road signs, and safe driving techniques. Make sure you read it entirely and comprehend what it says.

Get plenty of practice behind the wheel: The road test is the more challenging part of the G1 test, so you must get as much practice driving as possible. Take driving lessons with a professional instructor to learn the skills you need to pass the test and receive feedback and guidance on your driving.

Arrive early: 

 This will give you time to settle and ensure you have all the necessary documents, such as your learner’s permit and ID.

Don’t lose heart if you make mistakes; remember that doing so is expected.

Follow the Examiner’s Instructions: Carefully follow the examiner’s instructions, and if you are unclear about anything, don’t hesitate to ask questions.

Be Honest: 

Rather than performing a maneuver and failing, be honest with the examiner if you have any reservations about your ability to execute it. This demonstrates maturity and awareness.

Dress Comfortably: 

Since you’ll be sitting in a car for a while, choose comfortable clothing and avoid anything restricting your movement.

Sleep well the night before the test:

 Being rested and at ease when you show up for the test is crucial because stress can impair your performance.

Practice exams: 

Many online practice exams will help you pinpoint your areas of improvement. You’ll increase your chances of passing by completing these exams and getting more practice answering the questions that will appear on the test.

You may prepare for your G1 driving test with one of our packages from The Driving Tutors, and we guarantee that you’ll pass with flying colors. To guarantee that you have the knowledge and abilities necessary to pass the written and road tests, our qualified instructors will work with you. Furthermore, we provide flexible lesson scheduling to fit your hectic schedule.

The pattern of the G1 Driving Test 

In Ontario, there are 40 multiple-choice questions on the G1 written exam. The test includes questions on a broad range of subjects, such as traffic regulations, road signs, and safe driving techniques. You must respond adequately to at least 16 questions (40% of the total) to pass the test.

 A scorecard is given to you to show whether you passed or not.

It’s vital to remember that the G1 driving test has two components, the written test being the second. The other component is a road test, which evaluates your capability to drive a car safely on the highway.

To get your G1 licence, you must succeed on the written and driving tests.

To increase your chances of passing the test and familiarise yourself with the kinds of questions that will be asked, you should take practice exams. It is crucial to read the most recent version of the official driver’s manual and any relevant regulations and notices before the test.


Does The Driving Tutors offer G1 driving test preparation packages?

Yes, The Driving Tutors offers G1 driving test preparation packages, including written and road test preparation.

What documents do I need to bring to the G1 driving test?

You will need to bring your learner’s permit and a piece of government-issued ids, such as a passport or birth certificate. It is essential to arrive at the test center early and have all the necessary documents.

How long is the G1 road test?

The G1 road test typically lasts about 20 minutes. It assesses your ability to safely operate a vehicle on the road, including your ability to control the vehicle, obey traffic laws, and respond to different road and traffic conditions.

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