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HOW TO PASS THE DRIVING TEST? : Driving test Checklist


HOW TO PASS THE DRIVING TEST? : Driving test Checklist

Most people take their driving test without sufficient preparation but passing the wheel test requires a lot of practice. Giving the driver’s Test is not easy; many courses and the right way to practice are crucial factors. So here is a well-reputed driving school, The Driving Tutors, to guide you in getting your driving license and guide on how to pass the driving test. Our experts will teach you everything about driving and also about the rules of traffic, which is an essential factor in getting your driving license. You don’t need to worry about the choice of school. You can find a driving school near me with a single click at 5172 Nestling Grove, Mississauga, ON L5M 0L2, Canada. The Driving Tutors’ experts will expert you in driving before your driving road test. Our primary goal is to become all drivers licensed for as long as it is safe to do this.

Each year many driving exams are postponed because the applicants do not arrive prepared on the day of the road test, .so make you ready for your driving test. You should join a good driving school, and The Driving Tutors is one of the best driving schools. The driving Tutors will help you with all the rules and regulations about driving and driving license. So join us to learn safely and get your license quickly.

Driving Test Tips

Here we will tell you about some safe driving tips; by following these tips, you can pass your behind-the-wheel Test quickly and safely.
« Apply the three-second rule while driving
« Keep a safe distance and also follow it
« Be on Tim
« For All lane changes and turns, always give the signal
« Also, ensure that your car is adequately outfitted and meets the test criteria and that you have all the necessary documentation you
« If you have been taking two-hour lessons in the weeks leading up to your Test, which we also advise a lesson beforehand will help your worries and also prepare you for everything about the driving test
« Be Punctual
Follow time is a good habit for any exam in life also; this is the best tip for young drivers to crack their driving test to come in time. Arrive at the testing location 10 to 20 minutes early so you have Tim to get ready but won’t have to wait too long. To run the chance of completely missing it if you arrive late, and even if you do make it trying to get there in Tim will make you anxious. To manage your time on the day of the Test.
« Pay attention to your trainer.
« Always get to know the area and routes on which you will take the Test beforehand when you select your driving center.
Basic Rules to follow while driving
How much is Driving Test Preparation
Our Mission is to provide our students with affordable packages for the G2 Test and G tests which are necessary for drivers to pass the driving road test and get their licenses.

4 1

Individual Testing And Training For G2

1-hour lesson package with $56.50
1-hour lesson and Road Test package with $226.00
2 hours lesson and Road Test package with $282.50
3 hours lesson and Road Test package with $339.00
4 hours lesson and Road test package with $395.50
5 hours lesson and Road test package with $452.00
10 hours lesson and Road Test package with $734.50

Individual testing and training for G

1hour Lesson package with $62.15
1-hour lesson and road test package with $231.65
2 hours and road test package with $293.80
3 hours lesson and road test package with $355.95
4 hours lesson and Road test package with $418.10
5 hours lesson with road test package with $480.25

So The driving Tutors Provide a variety of packages for ease of our respected clients to solve all their problems.

How long does a driving test take?

To pass The driving test and get your driving license quickly, you should drive for around 40 minutes. But in this case, if you are going to retake your driving test, you will have to drive for 79 minutes.

Driving test Checklist

There are following few safety criteria for each pre-drive

Driver’s window

This is the basic rule of driving the driver-side window must open during driving. If you keep the window closed, you will be asked to open it.


Horn must be in proper working conditions. The horn can not be a bicycle horn. It should be audible at least 200 feet.


The button for the front windshield defroster must be found correctly

Emergence parking brake

If your parking brake does not work due to mechanical failure, then your driving test is also rescheduled in case of if the break does not work during the check. You must know how and when to use the parking brake.


Your car does not have flat tires.


Correctly locate the headlights switch also.

Passenger Door

The passenger door was properly open and closed.
Parts during driving car test

There are the following parts during your behind-the-wheel Test

Independent Driving
General driving ability
Reverse your vehicle
Show me and tell me vehicle safety questions
Checking of eyesight
Booking of Driving Test
There is a simple method when you pass your theory driving test, and then you can apply it for your practical driving test; the practical driving test should pass the written driving test.
The cars used in driving Tests may not have
There are a few things about the car on which you are going to take your driving test
1- Have legal tires pressure
2- Ni tires damaged
3- space saving spare tires cannot be installed
4- can’t use smart Fortwo, Toyota, VW bottle convertible, BNW Ford KA convertible cars.


Who takes a driving test?

Always the department of motors takes car driving tests.

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