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PRACTICAL DRIVING TEST : How Much Is a Driving Test?


PRACTICAL DRIVING TEST : How Much Is a Driving Test?

Almost all drivers have to go for the practical driving test. If you need to learn about the practical driving test and how to pass the practical driving test easily? You don’t need to worry more. The Driving Tutors will guide and conduct all the functional driving tests with the help of experienced instructors. They will also recommend the theoretical driving test. To find an affordable, practical driving test near me with a single click,5172 Nestling Grove, Mississauga, ON L5M 0L2, Canada.

1- Basic ( E-learning) package with $529

2- Premium ( E-learning) package with $729

3- Ultimate ( E- Leaning) package with $879

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A driving test is called a driving exam, or it is also called a driver’s test or road test. The practical driving test is a process that aims to validate a person’s driving skill .It occurs all around the world in many different forms. It is frequently necessary to get a driver’s license. Here we will give a brief description of the driving tests.

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Many people are misguided about the driving test, but we are here the solution to such problems for our candidates. Our expert instructors solve such issues with their driving skills and experience. Before going for a practical driving test, drivers should pass the written test, called the theory test of Driving, which is held to verify a person’s understanding of Driving and any applicable rules and legislation. Written tests are standardized tests that are taken under the same circumstances and the same for everyone. As we know, Every country has its own rules and regulations for traffic, and tests are also conducted according to their rules. The Driving Tutors also prepare their drivers according to Canadian traffic laws. According to Our thorough research, in many nations, taking the practical driving test is only permitted after passing the written test. 

We know that every person is not the same, so individuals are unique, and not everyone wants to learn in the same way. Due to this, The Driving Tutors’ driving instructors pay special attention to their students, and also, a multitude of goods are available to aid both new drivers and their instructors.

How Long Is The Driving Test?

Here are the two road tests and the duration of these two 

G2 Road Test

All the testing, which takes around 20 minutes, takes place on city streets; non of the 400-series routes are utilized. The examiner will ask you to do basic driving maneuvers.

· starting, stopping and turning the automobile.

· Observing stop signs and traffic signals

· Driving in passing spaces and overtaking other automobiles

· Crossing all kind of crossings when driving(with lights and stop signs)

· Parking can be done in front, back, back, or parallel 

· U-turn, 3-point turns and reversing. 

G Road Test 

Before taking the G road test, new drivers must have their G2 for at least 8 to 12 months .they last for about 30 minutes. You will be evaluated on a variety of brand-new G exam abilities, such as those given below

· At the correct speed emerging onto a 400- series highway. 

· Lane changes and passing other vehicles. 

· Leaving the road.

How Much Is a Driving Test?

The driving Tutors provide you with affordable packages for your G test and G2 test, which are necessary for drivers to get their license

Simple process to pass the practical driving test

What you do, is follow these three steps to pass your driving test

1. Choose a driving package 

2. start driving lessons and a Road test

3.   Get your license 

We also know that practice is essential for students to become expert drivers. According to this need or package, provide maximum in-car training.

«    10 Hours in-car training 

«    11 Hours in-car training 

«    15 Hours in-car training 

Standard of UK practical Driving test 

Here are the few requirements to pass the UK  driving test 

« Book your driving test

« Book a test Online 

« Before you start driving test, the conditions are

  The requirements are a UK driving license number, credit card, and the personal reference number of the driving instructor if you want to check their 


« To update your license, schedule a test. 

« In the UK, some driving test doesn’t require a Theory Test

Standard of Canadian practical driving test 

To qualify for a full Ontario G car license, Ontario M Motorcycle license, or any other type of Ontario driving license, you must complete a regular Ontario graduated driver licensing program (GDL), which is run by the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO). Before being permitted to derive in Ontario, the GDL programs are intended to help all drivers develop the necessary skills. 

There are two tests for driving 

1- G2 Road test

2- G Road test

The level of two road test

Some important points should follow during road tests

Left and right turns


Parallel park

Three-point turn

Lane change 

Roadside stop 


Stop intersection 

Through intersection 


How long will it take you to receive your G2?

Prospective drivers must wait 8 to 12 months after completing the G1 written exam before applying for their G2 license. If you graduate from an approved driving school, you can forego the entire waiting period. 

What happens if you fail in G2 test?

If you failed in G2 test, then you will wait ten days before retaking it.

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