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Driving Lessons : Our Best Packages


Driving Lessons : Our Best Packages

If you are worried about the safe driving of any vehicle and want to learn everything about driving, you don’t need to worry more; we are here with you to teach you everything about driving. What you do is enroll yourself and select your favorite lesson package, and our experts reach you with each and everything of driving lessons. 

1- Basic ( E-learning) package with $529

2- Premium ( E-learning) package with $729

3- Ultimate ( E- Leaning) package with $879

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Research shows that in 2018, about 26 and 27 million people in Canada were licensed, holders. Many were taught and trained at different driving schools; some were experts, and some were inexpert. It’s your choice to become an expert or an inexpert driver. To be an expert driver, you should learn a good driving lesson from expert tutors at a well-reputed driving school.

So find a driving lesson near me with a single click to enroll yourself and select your desired lesson package. So click here to find us at 5172 Nestling Grove, Mississauga, ON L5M 0L2, Canada.

Adult driving lessons

The lessons during which an adult learns how to drive a vehicle are called adult driving lessons. 

We have seen many adult drivers anxious at a time. Don’t worry whether you have health issues that started late or the MTO wants you to get a rest test; we will prepare you for all conditions.

One of the following driving programs is available to students 

· Free pick up and drop off

· 20 hours of in-class theory 

· 10,11 and 15 hours of in-car training 

· 10 hours of homework 

Adult driving lessons

Driving lessons for teenager

Teenage is full of more zeal and enthusiasm and there is a strong drive for teenagers to become a driver of a car as they love to drive vehicles. We all were very curious in our teenage to learn to drive. If you are a Canadian teenager and curious to learn driving lessons then come to us we will make you an expert driver. You have to follow the driving lessons that we have specially designed for teenagers. So select your package now on The Driving Tutors at a reasonable cost and become an expert teenage driver.

If you want to learn to drive in your teenage then find teenager driving lessons near me with a single click 5172 Nestling Grove, Mississauga, ON L5M 0L2, Canada.

Simple process to get your driving license 

What you do is follow these three steps to get your driving license 

1 Choose a driving course 

2 Start driving lessons 

3 Get your license 

What we offer in our manual driving lesson?

· MTO-approved curriculum 

· Theory course 

· In-car training 

· Ministry-licensed driving instructors 

· Homelink 

· One-on-one in-car driving 

· Free pick up and drop facility 

· Eligible for insurance discounts 

· four months off from the G2 test wait time 

· Advance intersection techniques 

· Best parking skills learnings

· Lessons include rush hour driving,multi-lane driving, and freeway driving which is your first step in driving 

· Mock test facility 

· MTO certificate provided 

· Car for road test available for additional changes 

· Early road test booking for additional charges 

· Add as many additional lessons required for extra charges 

· Male/Female option available 

· Complimentary drive test center for road car tests in Mississauga and Brampton 

Private driving lessons 

Private driving lessons are interpreted by private driving instructors, which could be sole proprietors. Our expert offers private driving lessons to beginning drivers as many people want to share and learn alone; that’s why we have developed private driving lessons for the ease of our students. You can learn on campus and on E-learning for private driving lessons. All our private driving instructors are licensed and highly experts and can care for students in any emergency. 

We have seven different individual testing and training packages to choose from for your behind-the-wheel lessons. 

So you can easily find private driving lessons near me by single 5172 Nestling Grove, Mississauga, ON L5M 0L2, Canada. 

Learn From The Best

All the Instructors, The Driving Tutors, are licensed, personally trained, and insured. Our drivers have many years of experience and are mentally and physically fit to teach students of all ages. All the Instructors are well updated with the Canadian Road Rules and transport legislation.  If you are nervous about driving, our experts are with you. Don’t take tension; we guarantee you to take any kind of driving fear out of you and make you an expert in days

Benefits To Choose The Driving Tutors

Nowadays, many driving schools are offering huge amounts of driving lessons, but they are not training well to the students. So we recommend you choose the best one to learn good driving skills.

Here are a few things that make us unique from other driving schools:

1- Experienced Instructors

2- Affordable Dues

3- Accept all forms of payments

4- In – drive education

5- E-Learning Education

6- In Class Learning

7- Online or behind-the-wheel training

8- Best and latest safety measures

9- Latest learning techniques

10- Mission to create safe drivers

11- Guidelines for traffic rules

12- Manual or automatic driving lessons

13- No stress guarantee

14- Easily reachable

15- Confidence in a rush driving

16- Friendly instructors

17- Online scheduling options


What is the purpose of our driving lessons?

The purpose of our driving lessons is to produce well-trained drivers at a reasonable cost.

How to find cheap driving lessons in Canada?

You can easily find us just by clicking the link given above in the article.

Can I choose my favorite package?

Yes, of course, you are free to select your favorite package, as we offer different options in the packaging plan.

What kind of instructors is your driving school?

All the Instructors are friendly, and all are highly trained and licensed drivers. They have trained thousands of students and made them experts.

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