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DRIVING TEST: Theoretical Driving Test, Practical Driving Test


DRIVING TEST: Theoretical Driving Test, Practical Driving Test

Passing a driving test is not easy; it needs a lot of hard work. To become an expert licensed driver, you do a lot of practice, study preparation, and hard work. There are different Driving tests to get your driving license. There are

1- Theoretical Driving Test
2- Practical Driving Test

It is necessary to pass these tests to get your driving license. But this can be possible if you get enough practice. The theoretical test is also called the knowledge test, which is a written test that shows your understanding of the driving rules, traffic legislation, and traffic signs. The written test consists of multiple choice-based questions in the official driver’s handbook. These tests can only be passed if you have completed your driving course from a recognized well, reputed driving school. Don’t worry. We are here to help you find the best school near me at 5172 Nestling Grove, Mississauga, ON L5M 0L2, Canada.

Individual Testing And Training For G

1 hour Lesson package with $50.00

1 hour lesson and road test package with $226.00

2 hours and road test package with $282.50

3 hours lesson and road test package with $339.00

4 hours lesson and Road test package with $395.50

5 hours lesson with road test package with $452.00

Individual Testing And Training For G2

1-hour lesson package with $50.00

1-hour lesson and Road Test package with $226.00

2 hours lesson and Road Test package with $282.50

3 hours lesson and Road Test package with $339.00

4 hours lesson and Road test package with $395.50

5 hours lesson and Road test package with $452.00

10 hours lesson and Road Test package with $734.50


Choosing a school is easier than people say, so we highly recommend joining the Driving Tutors, the best driving school that provides all the training according to their needs. Our skilled driving Tutors will polish your driving skills and make you a safe and confident driver. Also, practice is very important to become an expert in driving because practice makes perfect. We put our best effort into driving training to pass a driving test. In The driving Tutors, you will be trained by the best and most experienced professional driving instructors. So hurry up, register yourself in The Driving Tutors, start your lesson with zeal, and become a driver. Driving skills for life and your road driving test taught by our expert instructors in The driving Tutors driving school.

Three Steps to pass your Driving Test

The Driving Tutors offer programs for all ages in Oakville and Mississauga.
1- choose a driving lesson package
2- Register yourself in The Driving Tutors
3- start driving lessons with expert driving teachers.

Driving test preparation is not difficult; relax and focus on your training and focus on the following things
1- Be fully prepared for a test
2- gain assurance while completing the driving practice test.
3- Play rather than study. It is necessary for better preparation for your test.

Why did your driving test fail?

he following things can get you into driving test failure
1- Incorrect or risky lane change
2- when you Drive too slow or too fast, it will fail your driving test.
3- when you feel stressed and nervous during your test.
4- You will only succeed in your test if you make mirrors and side-to-side head checks.
5- when you do not have full command and control of the vehicle
6- The most important thing is that not getting enough practice will cause fail your test.

We offer two types of packages for our students to pass their G2 and G driving tests. You can choose their affordable package. These two tests are necessary for their driving test and getting a driving license with good driving skills.

Driving Test Questions

G1 test questions

There are two parts to the G1 test. In the first part, there are twenty questions. These questions are about road signs. In the second part, there are also twenty questions on road rules.
The criteria to pass the test is you must correctly answer sixteen questions in both sections. Your G1 knowledge test will be quickly graded, and you will get your results. Your G1 written test results are good for a year. The G1 test is made by the Ministry of Transportation (MTO). This test is offered in all test centers. The driving test is offered in different languages.

Rules for the G1 test

Every time a G1 driver runs a vehicle, a fully licensed driver who has held a full, unrestricted G2 license for at least four years and is at least 18 years of age must be present. It is required that the driver who is following must sit in the front passenger seat. The G1 driver is not permitted to operate a vehicle after consuming alcohol. Every passenger in the car must have a working seatbelt. On 400-series roads, the G1 driver cannot travel faster than 80 km/h.

G2 Road test

A G2 road test is performed on city streets. This test lasts for 20 minutes. This test is designed to test your basic driving skills. You will be required to perform fundamental driving
techniques by the examiner, such as
1-accelerating, decelerating, and turning the car.
2- Respect traffic signals and pauses.
3- U-turns, 3-point turns, and reversing.
4- driving in passing lanes and overtaking other automobiles.
5- Parking can be done in front, back, or parallel.


What happens if I don’t pass the G2 exam?

If you fail the G2 test the first time, you must wait ten days before retaking it. Depending on the time of year, this could take longer if there are no open reservations.

What happens if you fail in G road test?

If you fail the G test the first time, you must wait ten days before retaking it.

How can I book a driving test in Mississauga?

You can book your driving test online by phone at 647-776-0331 or 1-888-570-6110 at any driving center. Also, you can cancel or reschedule a road test appointment online.

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